Commission status: OPEN!

2/5 slots taken

I have a trello board for my queue but I give it on a case to case basis, as it's nsfw. If you're a 18+ client and would like access to my trello, just ask!


✨ Payment via PP invoice in EUR or Artconomy in USD.✨ Don't be afraid to send me an email ( or a message on Telegram (@cinnamomo_art) or Discord (cinnamomo#0194). I will get back at you as quickly as I can!

🌿 Regular illustration work 🌿

.LineartFlat ColorsFull Render
Half Body60€75€90€
Full Body70€80€95€
Simple background10 - 35 €
Complex background40 - 100 €


  • SFW

  • NSFW

  • Anthros

  • Ferals

  • Taurs

  • OCs

  • Fanarts

  • Any species

  • (18+) Literally almost any fetish. Ask away!


  • Cub / Loli / Underage

  • Character death / Snuff

  • Some feral NSFW - ask first. I'm usually only comfortable with fantasy / clearly sentient characters.

  • Very detailed mecha / gore

Most of the commissions I took thus far have been using this style. It's a clean and versatile style that can accommodate most requests!

✨ Prices refer to each single character.
✨They are meant to be guidelines, and may be subjected to change depending on the complexity of the characters or the scene.
✨If you don't care for a background, a simple gradient background is always included as well as the transparent version!

✨I love to work with my clients, and provide many WIPs for each stage of the work, so that I can adjust my work according to my client's input and feedback.✨You will have many occasions to ask for changes and adjustments, and I will do my best to craft what you had in mind!

🌿 Reference Sheets 🌿

Starting price: front + back. Free palette, name, and gradient background upon request.
Extra rotation (profile, three quarters, etc)Simple add-on (items, body parts)Complex add-ons (expression busts)
50€ each7 - 20€ each35+€ each

Price includes help with character design. I will work with you to bring your character to life! Scroll below to look more into my character design process.

How will I work on your character?
I like to provide a wide variety of sketches with various options to choose from, so we can actually create the character together!
We'll work together to pinpoint the body type, facial features, color scheme, according to your original idea.
Examples of the kind of wips I send below:

🌿 Paintings 🌿

This is an experimental style I'm working on. It's completely lineless, and I paint characters and background together. It requires more work and since I don't work on neatly divided layers, it's harder to accomodate changes later on, but the scene is more organic.

There are no set prices yet, but for a full body piece with a background, they'd go from a minimum of 140€ to a maximum of around 300€ depending on the complexity of the style and the scene. If you're interested, we can work a price out together depending on your request!

🌿 Colored sketches 🌿

Prices can go from 5€ to more than 50€ depending on character complexity and the quality of the sketch. The more quick and dirty they are, the cheaper!!Contrary to my more expensive options, I don't offer revisions - you're free to ask for a theme or pose to be loosely respected, but there will always be artistic freedom involved. But I will fix design mistakes if I make any of course, no questions asked.Turnaround is very quick, 1-2 days unless otherwise noted.Feel free to tell me your idea and budget and I'll tell you what I'll be able to deliver!

🌿 Ko-Fi Donations Doodles 🌿

I am now doing chibi/simple style sketches in exchange for Ko-Fi donations!These are all artistic freedom, I have full control over the pose, the stylization, etc. You're free to send me a suggestion / theme (happy / sad / autumn) and I will try my best to respect it though! =)Turnaround is very quick, unless life gets in the way I should be able to deliver them in 1-2 days.

🌿2 coffees = 6€
Flat colors

🌿3 coffees = 9€ + (depending on design complexity)
Simple shading, colored lines, background elements / decoration
Transparent version always included!



General / Customer Satisfaction- Clear communication is appreciated! I strive to create an artwork you can be fully happy with! And for that, I need your help and input :)- I strive to send WIPS consistently. (Reasonable) changes pertaining to the stage I'm working on are free of charge, while any change that requires me to go back and re-do a lot of work will be charged accordingly. (For example: I will gladly re-work the pose multiple times while in sketching phase, but reworking of the pose during colouring stage will mean having to re-do everything up to that point).- Turnaround time can vary greatly between less than a week to a month, depending on conditions like complexity of the commission, health, work and life in general. If something does happen to impede my work you will be notified immediately. If for any reason outside of my control I am unable to complete your commission, you will be refunded in full.Copyright- As the one to produce the artwork, I reserve all rights to it. This includes: to use the art as advertisement, post the art on my social media and print it out if necessary for portfolios.- I allow for private commissions. Please discuss this with me beforehand. The price of a private commission will always be double that of the original price of the product to make up for lost visibility/advertisment.The commissioner is allowed to:
- Use the art for personal use. This includes: posting it online, on their website, social medias, printing it out.
- Use the art to promote themselves (with proper credit to the artist).
- Claim full rights of their character(s), but not the artwork itself.
- Retouch or otherwise modify the artwork to some extent. Checking in with me beforehand is appreciated! Anything that alters the very content of the artwork, please run it through me before (adding a filter, changing some colors, markings, is always allowed. Adding in symbols, objects, or using my art as in a "collage" to create different scenes and meaning might not sit well with me. If in doubt, please ask)
The commissioner is NOT allowed to:
- Reproduce, resell, or otherwise make a profit off the artwork.
(selling a character with their artwork included is allowed, but of course have common sense; you cannot profit from my art is all)
- Take credit for the artwork.
- Remove the watermark present (unless previously agreed upon).
- Modify the artwork to have it contain offensive or hateful material.
Refunds:If you asks for a cancellation while I'm working on your piece, you're allowed to ask for a partial refund depending on how much I have done already. If for example you paid me for a full body rendered piece, and I'm still working on the flat colors, you can be refunded the difference and just keep the flat colour version, while if I had already started to work on the full render you wouldn't have been eligible for a refund.The statements above could be subjected to change if such changes are discussed with me, the artist.


Stuff my clients said of my work! Everything here is published with my clients’ permission.
I do not share private comments/chats without prior agreement.
If you'd like to leave a review, of the work I did for you, please just ask! I do not solicit for reviews, and only post things my commissioners wanted to share on their own.You can also see the ratings left by some of my clients over at Artconomy here!

"Cinnamomo was recommended to me by a friend for a hyper specific character design I wanted brought to life. Out of all the artists in the world, I cannot think of a single one better suited for the job than Cinnamomo. In every step of the process, they were very involved and helpful, giving me insight into what I wanted and drawing up ideas for thoughts I hadn't even considered yet. Their prices are fair while also not feeling overpriced, and their work is outstanding with them also taking time to be transparent on delays and making sure you as a client know your messages were read, something I rarely see from other artists. They were very professional, thorough, very much passionate about their work and very understanding when issues come up or additional requests are needed. If I could give them a 15/10 stars, I would in a heartbeat."- Alphine Agnitio(this commission has several versions that you can check out in my SFW and NSFW gallery! Image shown above is one of these versions.)

(The first commission is NSFW and was censored.
The second image features another commission for the same client!)

“Cinna's art speaks for itself. Stunning as it is, however, it doesn't show the amount of time and energy they put into their work with their customers: This is something you can only truly experience while working with them.While Cinna was working on my commission, we went through multiple rounds of character creation, each round featuring multiple versions of my fursona: Each of them captured what I was going for right from the start, but through the different versions, I had full control of all the little details that my fursona might have, from the length of his ears to the form of his shoulders. Cinna pointed out many good ideas to me and implemented any of the minor changes I wished for very quickly.A phrase like "I'd work with this person again" is easy to type, sure. But I definitely mean it. If you want your commission to be in good hands, look no further!”- furrynewbie

Commission for Xetem on Artconomy - every single piece of clothing + the erection are on a separate layer folder, so that everything can be toggled on and off easily by the client. This means that this artwork has a huge quantity of possible variations! Here are just some!
Please click to see the full view images!

Older Work

Artwork I did in 2021 / early 2022. It's not all reflective of my current skill anymore, but I'd still like to showcase my previous work! =)

CW/// The artwork featured in the link above contain:
- Taurs & horsecocks
- Hyper (breasts, butts, penises)
- Donut anus
- Diaper / ABDL + watersports and toilet fetish
- Feral (sentient characters only)

I am very very chill about drawing fetish artwork! =)
I will probably accept any kind of fetish work, except for:
- underage / cub / loli (all characters must be visibly 18+)
- snuff / death / murder / necro
- hateful imagery
I might take feral commissions on a case to case basis, depending on my level of comfort and how clearly sentient/intelligent the characters are. Feel free to ask but please don't feel bad if I reject your request!

Reference Sheet for Cerchus

Commission for Cerchus and Radi

Commission for Adux Relen. Sequence of images, not all of them uploaded!

Commission for CuriousGarchomp. Character design + illustration with 2 versions

Commission for William. ABDL, 3 versions

Commission for Adux Relen. Sequence of images, not all of them uploaded!

Commission for CuriousGarchomp